Vendors FAQs: How To Become A Vendor

How do I become a vendor?
just register at sharptheme.com, log in to your account and click “Become a Vendor” tab.

How do you upload my products on your site?
At 1st step name your item, select appropriate product category and upload zip file. Zip must contain product source files, documentation, demo data(if it’s a CMS product), any other files you think the customer will need.

Where can I find theme requirements?
You can find all guidelines regarding the themes’ design and technical details here: …

What theme topics are the most preferable?
We welcome all types of products that you send us. We also email a list of preferred topics upon a request from your profile page. You can subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated on our news and the most popular products in the marketplace or see current list here.

What’s the difference between exclusive and non-exclusive products?
Exclusive themes are sold on our marketplace only. Non-exclusive products can be distributed on both our site and other resources.

May I sell exclusive and non-exclusive themes at the same time?
Yes, you can sell both.

What if I violate exclusivity rules?
According to the agreement, if you violate the exclusivity rules, you will need to delete the theme from all sites except for sharptheme.com. Otherwise we will change your theme status for “non-exclusive”, with a further recalculation of the amount of sales.


Tips: How To Grow Your Sales At SharpTheme

How to Prepare a Template for Selling it on the SharpTheme Marketplace

The general rule is simple: your product must visually differ from the original theme. We have prepared for you a cheat sheet, so you do not have to guess what details have to be changed, and what can be left as is.

What Should Be Changed

Here is a list of things that must be modified in order for your theme to be accepted by our team of moderators. We praise creativity and believe that every product on our marketplace should bring something new to our ecosystem and our customers. That’s why we encourage our sellers to create really unique products.

What Should Be Changed

Here is a list of things that must be modified in order for your theme to be accepted by our team of moderators. We praise creativity and believe that every product on our marketplace should bring something new to our ecosystem and our customers. That’s why we encourage our sellers to create really unique products.


Items We Accept For Sale

Our marketplace is open to products listed down below. Please note that special requirements are applied to the products belonging in overcrowded niches. Those are mostly related to the quality of design, content, and functionality.

  • Drupal
  • Shopify
  • WordPress (special regulation rules apply!)
  • WooCommerce
  • Admin dashboard templates
  • Powerpoint / Keynote Templates
  • Fonts
  • Icons
  • Email templates
  • Resume templates
  • Magento
  • KeyNote / Powerpoint Templates
  • PSD Templates
  • App templates
  • HTML Website Templates (special regulation rules apply!)
  • Logo Templates
  • Flyers & Promo materials
  • Logos
  • eBay Templates
  • Joomla templates
  • Opencart templates

Didn’t find your product type on the list?

Email us at info@sharptheme.com and we will consider creating a new category.


ONE by SharpTheme. Guidelines for contributors


Since we recently launched the selection process for ONE Subscription service, this guidelines list is created to assist our vendors to objectively decide whether their items will fit to be added to ONE.

Check these main requirements and feel free to contact us support SharkTheme.

Graphics only. At the moment, we are focused on graphics items to be added to the subscription. Please check the current graphic category diversity on our website.

Up-to-date items. In order to make the subscription service full of high-quality products, we set the limit for products: items that were released over three years ago will be declined.

Support Excellence will be an advantage. We welcome supportive and friendly authors that will be able to handle customers’ requests in time.

Wide product range. We are looking for authors with a portfolio with 100+ items. Authors with fewer products will not be considered.

We encourage you to submit a request to join ONE as a contributor here.

You are welcome to our Vendors Community, where we regularly post new updates regarding subscription service, marketplace promotions and important news.


Product Promotion

Being an author on a digital marketplace is something more than just submitting your items.

These items should be of the highest quality and correspond to all the technical and visual guidelines.

It is pretty challenging to sell digital items in perpetual competition with other vendors.

For this plenty of reasons, promotion is important in selling your products and attracting more and more customers.

On behalf of SharpTheme,  we do the following:

  • Regularly launch topical sales.
  • Planning marketing campaigns.
  • Highlighting vendor’s products via various marketing channels.
  • Advertising top templates on a homepage, product category sliders.
  • Make promo videos about the best items.

Please note that the marketplace team is just partially responsible for promoting your templates and increasing sales quantity. The significant part of success is author’s efforts and hard work with the target audience.

Since we are talking about the digital products promotion, we highly recommend you joining social networks and generating your own fresh content.

The list of recommended activities to boost your sales:

  • Communication with your potential and existing clients.
  • Publishing your content in public groups.
  • Arranging polls, giveaways.
  • Sharing your experience and ideas with a wide amount of users.

Additional ways to promote your products on a digital marketplace:

  • Social media advertising.
  • Online communities for self-promotionsuch as Behance, Dribbble etc.
  • Excellent customer service is also crucial. Providing superb customer service is not just solving problems and answering requests in a timely manner but the way to gain positive reviews and recommendations. It is a key part of your marketing strategy.

To conclude, sales quantity and brand recognizability are the results of a complex work of a vendor as well as marketplace team. Not only plattform, but its authors are responsible for the end result: it is impossible to submit your product and become a top author the next day.


SharpTheme Services Vendor Agreement



This Services Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into and is effective this ___ day of _____________________ 2016 (the “Effective Date”) by and between SharpTheme, a Company registered under the laws of Florida having its principal place of business located at Bangladesh (“Company”), and __________________________ (Name of vendor) of ____________________________ __________________________________________________ (address of Vendor) (“Vendor”). Both “Company” and “Vendor” shall be referred individually as the “Party” or collectively as the “Parties”.